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          Sunday, 30 October 2011 17:54
          recovery_needs_business_openThe Lyttelton Harbour Business Association had its committee meeting last week, with new committee members Will Lomax [Structex]; Peter Evans [Volcano Café]; and Ray Blake [MacTodd Lawyers], taking their seats at the Committee table for the first time.

          Last week, Sarah Van Der Burch [Lyttelton Community Association], Wendy Everingham [Project Lyttelton] and Lynnette Baird [Lyttelton Harbour Information Centre] joined the Lyttelton Harbour Business Association Committee for a productive and positive discussion about opportunities for greater community engagement with the Lyttelton Master Plan.

          The meeting also saw much discussion about barriers to economic recovery, in particular planning regulations and Building Act requirements which have been strictly applied by the Council, causing the reopening of some Lyttelton businesses to be delayed.

          As a result, Will Lomax will be putting together a piece on the current situation as regards building permits and resource consents – in effect a guide to Christchurch City Council’s actual current application of the Building Act and the Resource Management Act to building repairs and rebuilds; rather than any previously communicated situation or theoretical application.

          This will be with the aim of avoiding further difficulties for commercial building owners and tenants, hopefully allowing this prior knowledge to make future situations less complicated so that more businesses can reopen faster.  This information will go onto the Lyttelton Harbour Business Association website, and the newsletter, and will be of interest mainly to those with  businesses or commercial buildings who are affected.

          The Lyttelton Harbour Business Association and Christchurch City Council are also working together to develop a joint seminar in the near future which will focus on immediate and short-term challenges to economic recovery.  It is envisaged this session will also address information needs regarding the placement of temporary structures, and will be widely publicised once a date is set.

          And on a positive note, in association with Recover Canterbury and the Bay Harbour News, the Lyttelton Harbour Business Association will be rolling out an advertising campaign raising the awareness of Lyttelton and promoting our local businesses. Watch out for this in the Bay Harbour News soon.

          For more information on the work of the Lyttelton Harbour Business Association, please contact Andrew Turner This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .